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Focusing on creating a better future, we decided to look back to the past, where eating real food with minimal packaging was normal practice. We believe returning to these simple ways will benefit not only our health, but the planets too. 

Adopting zero waste shopping habits means saying no to unnecessary and single-use packaging, and buying sustainable products in the quantities that we really need to reduce food and package waste.

Together we can change the way we shop to help our planet.

Let’s be the change.

It all started when...

After working in a corporate career, I decided I wanted to make a change. I wanted to shop the way my grandma and my great grandma shopped in order to reduce the waste I put back into the world to change our planet for the better for my future and the future of my children and grandchildren.

According to the Ministry for the Environment, New Zealand sends approximately 2.5 million tonnes of waste to landfills each year. To put that in perspective this is about;

1) 2.5 billion kilograms of rubbish; or

2) Three hundred and fifty seven thousand elephants; or

3) Seven thousand two hundred boeing 747 aeroplanes

This is too much.