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Bella Vacca Jersey Milk


Both new bottles or bottle swaps are available through click and collect and in-store. Please select your shipping option at the checkout.


Our Bella Vacca milk comes from a farm nestled away in Kawakawa.  It is pasteurised but not homogenised and available in full cream or trim.  Best of all, Bella Vacca take back all of the empty bottles so they can be sterilised and reused again!

Bella Vacca milk is absolutely delicious.  But you don’t have to take our word for it, they won Gold in the Food Producer Awards in 2020.  One of the things that sets BV apart is that when they milk the cows, the milk is piped directly to the pasteuriser, pasteurised and then chilled, all being done without leaving the property and been completed within a few hours of milking.

So how does the bottle swap work?

  1. Buy your first bottle of milk for $8.70.  This includes a deposit of $5 for your first bottle.
  2. Return your clean bottle with the lid to Sprout The Grocer, and
  3. Swap it for a new bottle for $3.70.


If you don’t like the milk, we are happy to return your $5 deposit on the bottle upon return.