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Cora Ball

Cora Ball


Plastic is everywhere but what you might not know is that plastic in your clothes is a huge contributor to microplastics in our oceans.  Scion’s study of microparticles in waterways in the Auckland region in 2019 identified 87% of microplastics were fibres.  Our clothing is a major source of microplastic pollution and we need effective measures to prevent leakage at source.

The leakage occurs when we wear and wash synthetic or semi synthetic clothing as this is made from plastic.  Synthetic clothing includes clothes made from polyester, acrylic or nylon, spandex, microfleece etc.  When we wash these, synthetic microfibres shed from the clothing and enter the waterways when the dirty water is flushed out of the machine. This is worse for more water-intense cycles such as delicate wash.  This can not be filtered by our washing machines or waste water treatment plants, so it ends up going straight into our ocean.

Cora balls help to prevent these micro plastics entering the ocean by collecting the microfibres from our clothes during each wash.  Simply put the Cora ball into the washing machine and remove the fibers once they start to build up as you would with lint in the drier and throw it in the bin.  Cora Balls are designed to last forever and are made with 100% recycled materials.